Wet Rooms

bathroom tiling

Do you need larger and wider space to accommodate your shower area? Then a wet room is what you need. This type of bathroom does not have enclosure on the shower area as well as a shower tray. In standard bathrooms, the shower area is the only waterproofed part. Meanwhile, a wet room is entirely waterproofed and the water drains directly down the tiled floor.

Sometimes, wet rooms are also called as a walk-in shower. In the past, this bathroom design was only used on the hospitals and care homes. Today, bathroom styles have evolved, and wet rooms can now be found in both homes and luxury hotels.

Whether you need to build wet room for home or business use, Harrow Bathroom Renovation Specialists can handle them all. Our wet room designs come with these features:

  • Offers larger shower area
  • High-quality waterproofing
  • Designs available even for smaller bathrooms
  • Boosts property’s aesthetic and functional appeal
  • Easy to clean and maintains since no shower trays or shower screens installed

Before you finally invest in wet room renovation or installation, there are some things you need to take careful consideration:

  • Layout – the most important part of the layout is the drain. Our team will make sure that the water stays in the bathroom and drains down to the floor with lesser chances of escaping the bathroom.
  • Materials – go for materials that won’t easily rot, moisture, and water resistant. We recommend using ceramic or porcelain for the walls and floors.
  • Waterproofing – must be left to the experts as it requires tasks that can only be done by trained individuals who have the skills, knowledge, and experience in the field.