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Welcome to Harrow Bathroom Renovation Specialists – a reputable bathroom fitter in Harrow, North West London that serves both commercial and residential clients who are looking for sturdy, highly-functional, safe, and stylish bathrooms for their homes or businesses.

Every client has unique tastes, preferences and budgets when it comes to their bathrooms and home remodelling. Some want it basic while others want it modern with all the fancy bells and whistles. No matter what your desired design is, we can help you bring it to reality. We put in all elements you want your bathroom to have using the highest quality of materials so that you can achieve that dream bathroom you have always wanted to build.

Our professional, licensed, and insured team is comprised of skilled, passionate, and hardworking plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and tile experts who specialise in bathroom design and installation.

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Our Services
Our company is proud to offer our unparalleled bathroom renovation products and services, which focus on the following areas:

Harrow Bathroom Renovation Specialists can turn your old, outdated, boring bathrooms into modern and fully functional space where you can seek comfort and spend your much-needed “me time” after a long day at work. We design, redesign, install, repair, and maintain standard as well as luxury bathrooms. We can handle the following types of bathrooms:

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Contemporary Bathrooms


Bespoke Bathrooms


Designer Bathrooms


Commercial Bathrooms


En Suite Bathrooms


Laundry Rooms


Powder Rooms


Mobility Bathrooms

En Suites

Having an en suite or “in the room” bathroom brings a lot of benefits not only for your comfort and convenience, but your peace of mind as well. If you have family members who are students or working professionals who need to get up so early to get ready, having just one common bathroom can be a nightmare. With this, you should consider having your very own space where you can relax and just be quiet, enjoy the luxury and take that warm shower you badly need.

Our en suite bathroom designs are fully customised. You can ask us to build the ones you already have prepared, or you can ask assistance from our professional designers to help you come up with one. We can also do complete installation or we can only provide you the supplies you need should you already have a bathroom fitter in mind.

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Wet Rooms

While standard bathrooms often have an enclosed shower area, wet rooms offer its entire space as its shower area as every nook and corner is waterproofed. Water damage in walls and other parts is less likely to happen. The floor allows water to drain right through directly. The extra spaces allow easy access for wheelchair as well as your loved ones who have disability or with limited movement. This can also serve as a mobility bathroom.

We can design and install elderly-friendly wet rooms that may include safety features such as grab bars, raised toilet seat, bath seating, shower seat, non-slip floor tiles, wheel-in or walk-in tub or shower, ample lighting, and many more.

The Best Bathroom Renovators in Harrow

Our team’s ultimate goal is to cater to all of our client’s bathroom renovation needs no matter how simple or difficult their specifications are. We make this possible by using top of the line supplies of electrical and plumbing fixtures, cabinetries, safety features, and other bathroom elements along with our exceptional skills, state of the art technology, and competitive pricing.


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Our areas of services cover the following:
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Bathroom Design

whether you need a standard bathroom, an en suite, wet room, mobility room, or the most sophisticated luxury bathrooms, our professional designers have got it all covered. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom remodelling or installations.

All you need to do is to talk to our experts in order to get started. Some clients already have a design in mind that they have been researching and planning for a very long time before coming to us. Others, however, seek help from our experts because they are having a hard time figuring out what they really want.

During the design phase, our team will help you come up with the design and layout based on your needs, taste, and budget. If you already have a pencilled design, then we can also provide you top grade materials from reputable sources. Otherwise, our team will guide you in coming up with the right designs and materials selection, taking into account your unique preferences.

Bathroom Installation
after coming up with the design and layout, and we have agreed on the cost estimate of the project, and decided on the materials and labour requirements; we will then start the installation. This phase can be very inconvenient to you and your family if not managed properly, but we will make sure that your safety remains our top priority.

Our team will install all necessary fixtures, furniture, and accessories based on the design and layout, the manufacturer’s specifications, and industry standards. We also comply with health and safety protocols to protect both our professionals and our clients. Depending on the size of the project, it may take several days to weeks or even a month for the project to be completed.

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Waterproofing and Tiling
high-quality waterproofing behind bathroom walls, ceilings, and floors are a must as these are the favourite breeding spots for mould and mildew. Thus, using organic materials such as hardwood and engineered wood may be a bad idea as they absorb water and eventually rot.

Opting porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, manufactured stone or natural stones on the bathroom walls and floors are the best option. And of course, it must be combined with the best installation techniques and methods. Only the experts can handle these challenging areas of bathroom reno.

Electrical Works and Plumbing Fixtures
lighting, heating and ventilation systems, drainage pipes, water supply, bath tubs, taps, and anything that requires electrical and plumbing works must be left to the professionals. These tasks require high-level of skills and experience as it involves very delicate parts that might cause serious and costly damages and even injuries when not installed properly.

Our company has licensed electricians and plumbers onboard who are masters in installing, repairing, and replacing electrical and plumbing fixtures. We also offer a plethora of supplies so you don’t have to shop around, hoping to find the best quality at low prices. We all have them here – from top manufacturers at very competitive prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does a standard bathroom renovation cost?
For an average-sized bathroom with standard features, you may spend around £5,000 to £10,000. Smaller bathrooms may cost you between £4,000 and £6,000. Meanwhile, labour costs will be about £150 to £200 per day. These are only rough estimates. Materials plus labour costs could go lower or even higher depending on the following factors:
✓ Size of the bathroom or wet room to be renovated or installed
✓ The amount of work needed before the construction such as stripping of old walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, and other installations, if necessary.
✓ The type and quality of materials and supplies you prefer or required as per design and layout
✓ Your location – prices all over UK when it comes to bathroom remodelling materials and labour vary.
How long does it take for a typical bathroom remodelling project to be completed?
It usually takes about 1-2 weeks in order to complete a full bathroom renovation of an average-sized space with standard features. However, it could go for several weeks more or even a month depending on the size of the bathroom, the complexity of the layout and design, and more importantly, the skills and the techniques of your bathroom fitter.
How do you install a shower room or wet room?
Bathroom or wet room renovation or installation requires high level of skills, experience, and the right tools. Basically, it is important to come up with a functional, safe, yet stylish and cost-effective layout and design. After the design, you need to select the materials and supplies to achieve the function and the look of the area.
Go for waterproof and moisture-resistant materials from the bathroom ceiling, walls, down to the floors. Keeping these areas watertight is a must as it greatly affects the longevity of the entire structure. Should you plan on doing a DIY, make sure that you have the skills, experience, and technology to get the job done. Otherwise, you may end up paying for more costly repairs and serious damages.
Wet room versus shower room: What are the differences?
The type of waterproofing required for the wet room is what differentiates it from a shower room or a standard bathroom. The wet room is totally watertight from ceiling, walls, and floors, and the water drains directly from the floor. There is no need for an enclosed shower area as every corner of a wet room is waterproofed.
How much does new bathroom construction cost in the UK?
For a new bathroom installation, the cost also varies all over UK. However, a typical construction ranges from £2,000 and £5,000 while more luxurious ones or those that are fully-equipped with spa-like features may cost as much as £15,000. The costs vary depending on the location as well as the size of the area, materials, labour, and many other factors that you need to consider.
The Best Bathroom Fitter in Harrow
Bathroom and wet room renovations are made a lot easier with the help of the experts in the field. At Harrow Bathroom Renovation Specialists, we always do our job right the first time, in a timely manner, and in the most cost-effective way. Save money and at the same time achieve the look and feel of your dream bathroom. Talk to our professional bathroom fitters today.